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Your Strategic Solution Partnership

In your machinery investments, this is your solution partner and consultant that offers you customer-specific investments with the best-guaranteed price.

     Jasmin Consulting Import & Export; your strategic consultant and solution partner that provides the best cost effective investment for your machine purchases, is a company with 20 years of experience, founded to close the gap between manufacturer and investor in the Turkish machinery industry, and provide the investor supporting not only in the purchase stage but also during the production stage. Jasmin Consulting Import & Export helps you easily find high-quality suppliers suitable for your investment budget with its database containing information on up to 1000 SMB-supported machine builders. Our goal is to eliminate hidden costs and wasted time on your machinery investments by bringing you together with the machine you need as soon as possible under favorable terms.

OUR SERVICES: We help you stay ahead of the competition through innovative projects prepared by our experienced consultants. By structuring our projects, we guarantee the fastest return on your investment costs. (Investment Rate) We accurately analyze your objectives and offer you the most advantageous option for your investment. We guarantee you better success in the market by providing the correct equipment you need with the most economical budget. We ensure productivity and profitability by minimizing your total cost of operation (CTO). We produce practical and flexible solutions for your projects.

for your machinery investments

  • We offer the most advantaged option for your investments by understanding your targets.We generate the most practical and flexible solutions for your projects.

  • We ensure you to be more successful in the market by supplying the exact equipment with the most economical budget.With the innovative projects that our experienced consultant prepare, we help you to be always one step ahead from your rivals.

for your production

  • We provide technical competency training to your staff that will use your machines.

  • We prepare your Research And Development infrastructure that you need to advance your quality of products.

  • We play a significant and active role in developing new products with an expert staff.


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ask an expert

  • What are the criteria that will form the most suitable investment for your budget?
  •  How are the operating capacities of your machines determined?
  •  How will you select your technical staff?
  • How will you ensure fast and high quality? Do you have a sufficient technical team?